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Karate ni sente nashi - There is no first attack in karate. - Gichin Funakoshi

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Shoshin Nagamine, founder of Matsubayashi Ryu Karate, made it a central part of his philosophy that karate is to be defensive in nature. He adopted a saying from Gichin Funakoshi “Karate Ni Sente Nashi”, which is translated to “There is no first attack in Karate.” There are many martial arts systems practiced globally, and many focus almost exclusively on striking techniques, with little or no regard to the character development and peaceful philosophy of Matsubayashi Ryu Karate. As an art form, our kata (forms) start off with a defensive action, indicating that we are not initiating a hostile move, but are responding to it.

Our style is quite effective against attacks, and when used properly is a comprehensive system of blocking, striking, grappling, joint manipulation, pressure point targeting, and controlling techniques. Through consistent training, a Karate practitioner will develop over time into a capable fighter. This focus is secondary to developing into a respectful person and member of society. O-Sensei Nagamine’s vision was that world peace would be a possibility if the principals of “Karate Ni Sente Nashi” were embraced, which he said is the “Essence of Okinawan Karate.”

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